Dawn Chorus

I was the project manager and helped guide the architecture of Dawn Chorus. Dawn Chorus is a bird alarm clock developed by Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Innovation Studio. This artfully designed app is a calming, nature-inspired alternative to your usual blaring alarm.

The Warhol: Out Loud

I was the lead developer on the Warhol: Out Loud which is a museum audio guide for people who hate audio guides. All of the audio is short form and the app slowly rearranges content based on the previous content that you have listened to.


Typing speed controlled volume to increase your flow. codeflow aims to keep you in the state of flow by tying your music's volume to your typing speed. So if your really in the state of flow typing lots of characters hopefully the sound of your music's volume increasing will keep you in that state of flow.

We Are Nature

Designed and wrote the backend for an interactive voting and committing to a future action exhibition. The goal of the exhibition was to help reduce the visitors carbon footprint through small lifestyles changes with a 6 month out email check-in. The backend was built using AWS lambda and websockets to facilitate a real time voting animation. I also helped with the various other interactive elements of the exhibition.